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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chekgu Murni Dah Join Ka Atau Belum Join?

Soklan cepuMAS : Chekgu Murni dah join ka atau masih blom join lagik business nih?

Alamak!! Dah banyak entry Chekgu Murni dok wat - looking for my biz partner la + kelebihan PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL la namun yang seBENARnya, Chekgu Murni masih belum JOIN this business lagik <--- ahaks~

Just making a few survey if anyone out there who's interested same do i interested about this biz. Insyallah i will become ONE of them. Who's THEM?

I love to join this biz because i BELIEVE i will success - Insyallah~

Do join me for this biz. YOU help me and I HELP you~ <--- Insyallah

FOR UR INFORMATION, i already bought this Premium Beautiful corset from CDM Hanis Haizi, Premium Beautiful Top* Agent and her biz partner MissB, last week but till now I still didn't received my Premium Beautiful corset. So BAD services~ Just hope when they will give MY RIGHT - Premium Beautiful corset~

Dear my future boss, CDM Hanis Haizi,

I admired YOU so much. I wanna be like you same as YOU or better than you. Hope u will guide me. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!

My Idol - CDM Hanis

noted : When will i get my Premium Beautiful corset? I pay about RM2100 to buy this Premium Beautiful + Premium Beautiful Wash and Herba Maharani. Can't wait any more. PLEASE delivery to me as soon as possible~.

LAST but not least RM150.00 to join ur seminar on 16th January 2011 at Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya <--- come JOIN me~.. this is OUR change to improve our LIFE

noted : Sorry for my broken english. Hope u will understand what i want to write. I want to improve my english. Hope you will help me. Do give me your feedback~


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