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Monday, April 11, 2011

Business Tips: How to become a sales SUPER STAR?

  • Your thoughts are causes and conditions are effects

    • Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world
    • You are invariably attract into your life people circumstances opportunities and even sales that are in harmony with dominant thoughs
    • You become what you think most of the time
    • Only you can decide what it is what you think about and only you can decide what really happen to your life
    • More than 350,000 sales people have been interviewed to find out what it is that they think about most of the time..
    • Top sales people think most of the time WHAT they want and HOW to get it
    • Unsuccessful unhappy people think and talk about what they DON'T WANT most of the time.
    • Your income reflects your thoughts.. there is no real differences between the people who earning a small amount and people with huge amount of income
    • But the only differences is the highest earning sales people decided to earn that amount and the questions that they ask all day long is HOW
    • Top sales people have optimistic mind even realistic expectation of success.
    • If you think like the top sales person thinkm you can eventually get THE SAME RESULT!
    • The difference between try and triumph is the little UMPH!
    • The more you think what you want and how to get it the more rapidly you start to move towards your goals and starts your goal to move towards you.
    • Successful people are intensely goal oriented, they know what they want and they focused single mindedly on achieving it every single day!
    • Goals unlock your positive mind and realese ideas and energy for goals attainment.

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